Every day at my job as the host of Tech News Today I talk for forty-five minutes to an hour about the coming robot apocalypse, the morality of self-driving cars, apps that help you pick up your dog’s poop, and a very wide variety of other topics that reflect the wild ride we’re on in the information age, how technology is transforming every little bit of our everyday lives. You’d think that for any normal person forty-five minutes to an hour would be more than enough time to say everything I think someone might at some point in his or her life might need to hear from me.

And yet.

I have decided that it is not. So welcome (if you’re still reading) to the place where I say all the things that I have not already said to you, dear reader, at 4 pm Pacific time on every Monday through Friday or 1:30 pm Pacific time on every Monday and occasionally on other shows, all of which are available on demand at

I could write these other things on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or even Snapchat where I also rock that flower headband filter like few other 40ish women can. I like sharing my words and images out there. But once they’re out there on those sites, my words no longer belong to me. Here my words are still all mine. I don’t have to share them with a giant corporation who will advertise against every bit of personal information I’ve offered up for free. I just get to share them with you, if you’re still reading. And if you’re still reading, thank you. And if you’re not still reading and I’m just sharing these words with me, that’s OK too.

The only people I’ll assume are always reading are my mom and dad. And frankly, the Internet would be a really different place if everyone always assumed that their mom and dads were reading what they wrote online.

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