Holiday Gift Guides for Us All

It’s been a few months of whirlwind product testing at the TWiT studios and I’ve finally completed all of my holiday gift guides. In case you’ve already done your holiday shopping, bookmark this page for your holiday returning or gift card shopping, because if you’re reading this there’s a chance that you might be the only geek in your family who would really appreciate any of this stuff.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

I spent the most time this year reviewing gifts for the littles in your life. Or for the adults who still have a proclivity for Star Wars toys (no judgement.) Where’s its an augmented reality teddy bear or a magical box that uses light to sanitize your iPad after your kid (or co-worker) has had it in its mouth, these gifts are guaranteed not to end up at the bottom of the toy box, unless you steer them their with your smartphone.

Gifts for People Who Love Their iPhones 

Together Leo and I collected our favorite products that came out this year (and sometimes in previous years if they’re still great or at a great price). His picks are mostly for the creators on your list (photographers, podcasters, videographers, etc), whereas mine are for those of us who want to make sure we’re buying the most unique gift possible because everyone knows that nothing shows love like an internet connected coffee cup.



Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

This year, Jason and I have been helping Padre host Know How. For his gift guide segment, Jason showed of his man cave must-haves and I chose health and wellness products because that’s the kind of stuff I’d keep in my woman cave, if I had a woman cave. I’d also keep a lot of chocolate in there, tbh.


Cooking with Tech for the Holidays

And finally, Leo and I reviewed food gadgets. His picks are from someone who loves cooking with all of his geeky heart. My picks are from someone who hates cooking, just figured out how to pronounce the word sous-vide and loves coffee and beer. I also like eating and I can assure you that all the food Leo cooked with these expensive gadgets was delicious.


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