I’ve worked in tech since 1998, when I took a job as a human search engine for a company called LookSmart. After it became clear that some really excellent algorithms were about to steal my job, I left to work at ZDTV as a web producer. After the company became TechTV I began as a regular on The Screen Savers, a 90-minute daily live cable TV program about computers.

In 2003, I left TechTV and began freelancing for Microsoft, mostly in the Trustworthy Computing Group. I also hosted a podcast called Jumping Monkeys: Parenting in the Digital Age on Leo Laporte’s TWiT network. In 2015 I became a full-time host on This Week in Tech (TWiT,) where I currently host Tech News Weekly with Jason Howell and iOS Today with Leo Laporte.

I enjoy pondering the robot apocalypse and answering tech question on Twitter as my dog. Here’s my LinkedIn profile and I’m also on Wikipedia, if you’re into that kind of thing.